Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Caricatures...and Cartoons, Too!

Humor comes in many forms -- in books, in essays, in movies, in the theater, on the radio, at comedy clubs.

And through cartoons.

Welcome to the February edition of Not Your Usual Caricature Artist. 

There's something about a printed cartoon, for me, that is especially gratifying. 

It's the marriage of art -- and perhaps a particular, quirky style of art -- with the written thought that will cause an organic or intellectual (it doesn't matter which) response from me that can be like eating that first spoonful of chocolate ice cream.  Delicious.

Humor, of course, is a subjective thing. For "illustration" purposes, though, this collection here is worth sharing:

In addition to drawing caricatures -- a related, though still different art form and discipline -- I've tried my hand at cartoons, as well. Here are a few I've done for different corporate clients.

Let me know if you see a cartoon or two fitting in with your business or social interests.

And see you again the first Tuesday of next month when we, ahem, draw more conclusions about caricatures and related art...

Joel Kweskin