Monday, January 2, 2017

Notable Losses in 2016

As we celebrate the beginning of a New Year, we pause to look back at 2016 for the many notable names who passed on. The list is too numerous to post, but suffice it to say many of these men and women made sizable enough contributions to culture and society to mark their indelible place in history.

Welcome to the New Year's edition of Not Your Usual Caricature Artist.

With significant status for these people comes fame.  With fame comes the chronicling of their actions. The media offers their commentary in words.  The artist offers it in his art.  And the caricature artist lets personal commentary filter through his exaggerated visual interpretation.

Hence, famous folks – primarily because they’re famous -- are often skewered by the barbed pen of the caricaturist. The “skewering” doesn’t have to be vicious, though.

Take this handful of notables who gave the world their talents to use in perpetuity…as drawn by talents of a different sort.

David Bowie by Tom Richmond, Prince by Phill Flanders.

Gene Wilder by Rich Conley, Elie Weisel by Alex Pereira.

Florence Henderson by Bill Utterback, Mohammed Ali by Digong.


Now we go from “looking back” to “looking from behind.” Here’s yours truly doing his thing, at a corporate event for a truck parts company.


See you again on the first Tuesday of next month, for another salute – posthumous or otherwise – to the colorful world of caricature art via Not Your Usual Caricature Artist.