Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Have you thought about a Template?

Sometimes I'm called upon to create a template that serves as a "core" drawing.  Generally, a pre-printed illustration on the sheet that acts as the illustrated theme of the event. From that already established tableau, I then just add the head of the individual I'm drawing.

It's a fun way for companies -- or even a bride and groom for their wedding, youngster at their bar/bat mitzvah or family at long-awaited reunions -- to engage their guests in a memorable, long-lasting way.

Welcome to the May edition of Not Your Usual Caricature Artist from Caricatures by Joel.

Here are some samples. The drawing's already pre-printed. Now all that's needed is the head to fit in the open space.

This was created for a national company hosting an event for their staff at the Charlotte Motor Speedway:

This template was developed for a French-Canadian company holding its employees gathering at the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte:

This next scenario was created for the Charlotte Knights' double dip -- first the all-day festival at Romare Bearden Park and then, later that evening, at the home opener in the new BB&T Ball Park:

This more modest initiative is part of Sales Productivity Coach Philippe Le Baron's campaign to enhance his brand by selectively putting a client's head atop the body of a lion tamer (the aspired-for effect of his program for sales managers), and then presenting that client with a uniquely customized gift.

(And here's what Philippe had to say about it...)

As you can see, templates like these can be utilized both at live events and working from photos for gift giving or later display.

What idea do you have for a template?

I'm already templated in this space for the first Tuesday of each month -- see you next time for another installment of Not Your Usual Caricature Artist.

Joel Kweskin
Caricatures by Joel