Monday, June 2, 2014

The Marriage of Art and Entertainment

Ah, June. The month of blushing brides and giddy grooms.

We all know that wedding entertainment consists of the band or deejay. Maybe some dancers to get the guests out onto the dance floor. And that's it. 

Or is it?  Guess what's on the cusp of also getting a foothold in the firmament of fun features at weddings...

Welcome to the June installment of Not Your Usual Caricature Artist.

Wedding Bee, an online site for brides, posed this poll question:

Caricatures -- Stupid or Fun?

48% answered "Yes, so fun, I would love it as a guest."

26% answered, "No, save your money and do something different."

Another 26% responded to "Other."

Some of the respondents also added further thoughts on the subject:

* I think it is a good idea.  People like to have something to DO and something to take with them.

* I think it would be super fun!

* I think it sounds like a super fun idea. I would be so excited if I encountered this at a wedding.

* I love the idea!! I think it’s unique and fun!! Think ~ the people you are inviting are your loved ones and friends ~ there’s a reason they are in your “circle” and most likely MOST of them have similar tastes as you do ~ so if you like ~ I bet the majority of your guests would like it!

I say go for it!!!

I've done a few weddings this year already and I must chime in -- hearing words from guests to the effect that (even when guests didn't think I was listening), "This is great -- what a clever, fun idea!"
Wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners, bachelor/bachelorette parties are great occasions to let one's hair down and have well, of course, as the bride and groom and their respective families...enjoy the truly customized experience of having their caricature drawn.

It's a gift that truly lasts a lifetime.

Here are some happy campers from recent weddings I've drawn at:

See you again the first Tuesday of next month for another marriage made in Heaven -- you and Not Your Usual Caricature Artist.

Joel Kweskin